A Simple, Elegant Songwriting Tool

Songpen is a beautiful songwriting journal designed for songwriters who need a place to save their ideas and lyrics anywhere they are.

Never forget an idea again

With Songpen, you have the ability to quickly jot down ideas and lyrics whenever they come to you. Did you overhear a great quip while standing in line at the market? Use the Quick Lyric feature to save it for later.

Did you hear your dog barking and think it would sound great piped into a vocoder? Throw that idea into Quick Ideas so you won't forget it.

Build complete songs

The true power of Songpen comes when you put together Songs. Keep track of chords, lyrics, tempo information, time signature, key and notes/ideas. Pipe in Quick Lyrics and Quick Ideas when you find the perfect spot for them.

You can also use the Songpen Recorder to record any vocals, melodies, instrumentation, demos, etc. As many recordings per song as you'd like!

Export and share your masterpieces

Want to post a lyric you wrote to Facebook or Twitter? Want to archive your work in Dropbox or Google Drive? Want to keep your lyrics in Evernote? Need your demo recordings in the cloud? With the latest version of Songpen, you have all of the export and share options you need to get your hard work off of your device.

Get inspired!

Songpen's simple Inspiration feature can help you get out of songwriting jams. It provides you with a random tip, a random saying and a random picture. Keep refreshing until something jars your imagination