Horder: Word Building Meets Gravity

September 26, 2013, at 08:38:41 AM

I'm happy to introduce the second app from Lone Yeti: Horder.

Horder is a word finding game with a twist. Letters fall from the sky and you must construct words before time runs out or the letters reach the top. Realistic physics and motion allow you to tilt your device to rearrange stacks of letters or influence where the next letter will fall.

Horder is a rogue-like game, meaning that if you fail on a level you have to start from the beginning. Games are quick and addictive. There are sixteen levels. Gamers can compete against each other's high scores via Game Center.

Since I've been turning this blog into more of a technical blog lately, let me get under the hood.

Horder is a Sprite Kit game. Sprite Kit is awesome. I know there is a bit of the Cocoa2D vs Sprite Kit debate out there and I have no insight into that; I have never used Cocoa2D. I can say that Sprite Kit is pretty great but it also has a lot of room to grow. 

Apple was always known for their intuitive interfaces and "it just works". In that regard, Sprite Kit is classic Apple. It is deceptively simple--almost too simple in places--yet, "it just works". I can't wait to see what Apple has in store for it. I may do a longer post about Sprite Kit in the future.

Anyway, if you have an iPad and iOS 7, give Horder a look:

App Store

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