The Complete iOS Developer's Style Guide

August 27, 2013, at 10:44:17 AM

The title is a lie. It is not nearly complete. The goal is to make it complete.

Okay, let me start from scratch.

I have started an Objective-C style guide specifically for iOS developers. There are a few out there, such as The NYTimes Objective-C Style Guide. The goal of this style guide is to really be a community style guide rather than one that follows the convictions of one person or organization. I'm asking for other developers to get involved and make some pull requests. Add some missing sections or correct things that I have added. The determining factor for how code should be written and organized should come from either Apple or a consensus in the community.

Eventually, as the guide becomes more complete, we can think about changing formats or hosting it in a different way. Its all up to the community.

So take a look, fork it, make some changes, etc. I look forward to what we can come up with.

The Complete iOS Developer's Style Guide (

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