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March 28, 2013, at 04:24:26 PM

Hello all!

I'm going to start using this blog more. I really am! I've been doing a lot of writing so I will probably be doing a few posts on the finer points I've learned. 

In the meantime, I noticed that I haven't posted about my band's new album, Humdrum.

I'm in an electronic music group named Scenery. We have been around since 2009 and this is our fourth album. You can listen and download here. It was released in the In Rainbows model of "name your own price" (including free).

Scenery is an interesting group because all of the members are full-fledged producers in their own right. We have a system: every song is owned by one person. All of the members contribute what they can to the songs but the owner has the final say in the end result. This makes our music eclectic and diverse. Aron loves post-rock and shoegaze music and that shines through in his song, Godish. Zach loves clean production and mellow, melodic music; Mirage is his baby. Seth loves big beats and epic sounds; opener, Years of Gold, was obviously his project.

The result we shoot for are albums that are assembled a bit like Abbey Road. Different genres and sounds are stitched together into something that is cohesive--we hope, at least.

For Humdrum, we came up with a concept of songs about memories, nostalgia and dreams. A small manifesto was written at the beginning of the writing and recording process with creeds such as: "Don't be afraid to get personal" and "Let the music breath; space is OK". I think it is the best thing we have done. I hope you agree. Below is links to all of the websites and social media Scenery is involved with.

Scenery's Website

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