August 08, 2012, at 01:50:30 PM

Lone Yeti's first app has been poked, prodded and ultimately approved by Apple. It is now available on the app store.

I present to you- Songsmith!

Songsmith is a songwriting journal for iPhone. It allows you to quickly enter lyrics and ideas as you think of them and then use those to create full fledged songs. Each song allows you to enter lyrics, chords, ideas, key, tempo, time signature and even record audio to link to the song. 

I am in a band that takes part in the RPM Challenge every year (in which participants attempt to write and record an entire album in a month). I used an early version of Songsmith to write every song for our 2012 album and it was an invaluable tool.

My favorite feature is probably its simplest. Using the inspiration feature, you can get a random tip, saying and image off of flickr (or how random is it actually? hmmm). I based this feature off of a private inspiration website I had created for my band and a few friends. It is possible to write entire songs just from the information and picture displayed.

Anyway, I will take off my sales guy hat. Welcome to the Lone Yeti blog. Of course we will be promoting our apps, but I also hope to post a lot of great development and programming stuff in here as well.


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